“Your Grandparents Were Asked to Go to War, you are being asked to stay inside with your family. You Can Do This.”


“Bohemian Quarantine” day 14.
To be honest, I find the name kinda catchy and that, in and of itself, helps bring me some humor in the midst of being horrified by the global pandemic that’s unfurling. I’m not actually griping about the quarantine itself. To be honest, I’m grateful for it and I hope it helps and that we can all chip in.

I don’t have a picture or sketch for today.
Rather, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a post from a dear friend and pretty sick, beautiful dog-mom whom I will probably never meet.
I had written her when she posted this on the 26th and asked permission to repost it. Yesterday I received her blessings to do so.


Please check out her site. I can’t add anything to that; her words stand on their own as powerful, non sugar coated affirmations of Carpe Diem beauty.
Thank you ♥️


Day 13

Zahradní Město from the bedroom window.

Zahradní Město, ink on Khadi paper

I’m going to go ahead and post today’s #sketchfromhome and hope that I’ll be able to winnow down my thoughts to include some text about some of the things that I’d really like to say latter.

Blaaargh! Gotta stop panicking and focus. I’ve already missed two days and this whole blog thang just started.

Bohemian Quarantine (day 10)

Ok, I’m still apparently not used to blogging, but I did promise myself that I’d post an urban sketch from quarantine everyday. I’ve gotten all twisted up about the text for today’s (yesterday)’s post because I’m trying to figure out how to say way too much all at once. that I don’t have any idea when I’ll finish it. It seems like the best thing I can do now is just post the unfinished blog post and fill out those bullet points tomorrow.

As a consolation prize, I’m putting another version of almost the same sketch at the end of this unfinished post.

Thanks for bearing with me here 😊

Onto the delinquent post proper!

Zahradní Město from part of the the bedroom window. Yes, I sketched a view of Zahradní Město yesterday. Truth be told, I imagine I’m going to do many more quarantined sketches of it while hunkered in for the duration.
I’m pretty fussy about posting things but the promise I made to myself and abroad to post a daily home urban sketch of Prague presents a number of intriguing challenges for me.

  • Appreciation. There is no standard obligatorily gorgeous Prague architecture visible through any of the windows of our flat. I think this could be a great opportunity for me to work on trying to find and present whatever poetry I can in the inherently “drab” parts of Prague that are available to me to sketch. I imagine that for Edward Hopper there would be a zillion gems outside my windows. I gotta get better at recognizing them as such on my own.
  • Exploration.
  • Fidelity.
  • (I’m not sure how to phrase this one yet).